Ellaria is in her new home

Breed: Female Domestic Short Hair

Age/DOB: 19/07/2017

  • Ellaria, Female Domestic Short Hair
  • Elliara, Female Domestic Short Hair
  • Elliara, Female Domestic Short Hair
  • Elliara, Female Domestic Short Hair
  • Ellaria, Female Domestic Short Hair

Ellaria is a curious and playful cat who is everything you expect a cat to be. She is athletic, opinionated, entertaining, affectionate and very good looking. She thinks everything is a game and is keen to initiate play with her foster carers. She will not be ignored and will sometimes give a playful bite just to make sure she is getting her point across. She likes to remind you that she should be the center of attention. We are currently working on modifying this behaviour and she will need someone who is happy to continue working on this with her. Being a smart girl means that she is curious loves to explore every nook and cranny and needs things to keep her mind active like toys. It also means she is quick to learn things and can be taught boundaries such as ‘stay off the kitchen bench’. She does require a strong leader though as otherwise she will think she is the boss and quickly train you!

She is a sweet girl who loves people more than anything. She would make a good companion for someone looking for company during the day. She happily trots around the home chirping at you to let you know what is going on. She is quick to purr and can be extremely affectionate when she wants to be, which thankfully is often. Things need to be on her terms though but you can’t help but oblige when you are rewarded with head butts and endless purrs. Once she knows you she makes an excellent lap cat in the evenings. She also loves to sleep on the bed with you and adores any soft fabrics which she will happily kneed as she purrs away. She is a cat lovers kind of cat and would best be suited to an experienced cat owner who appreciates her personality. She is best suited to a home where she will have some company throughout the day as she is easily bored when left for long periods.

Ellaria may consider sharing her home with a small cat friendly dog but they would have to know that she is in charge. She is not suitable for a home with young children or other felines.

Microchip Number: 956000007833980
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Adoption Fee: $250

Ellaria has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.