Nakita is in her new home

Breed: Female Domestic Short Hair

Age/DOB: 6/06/18

  • Nakita, Female Domestic Short Hair
  • Nakita, Female Domestic Short Hair
  • Nakita, Female Domestic Short Hair
  • Nakita, Female Domestic Short Hair

Beautiful Nakita finds herself in need of a new home! She is a well-loved, indoor only cat, who is anxious about loud noises and things unfamiliar to her. Her current person is moving interstate and does not want to put Nakita through the trauma of a flight or long car journey, therefore, is sadly surrendering her.

Like many cats, Nakita is shy around strangers and will hide, until she gets to know you. Once she has settled, she actively seeks affection, loving to snuggle up with her person on the couch, either by their side or on their lap and sleep on the bed with them. Nakita does not snore but she does have a quiet, relaxing, purr. She loves pats, head rubs and accepts being held, fleetingly.

Nakita is independent and content to spend time alone during the day, providing she has her toys and some snacks! She will happily while away the hours watching ‘cat tv’ out the window or snoozing the day away, eagerly awaiting her person’s return. When her person is home, Nakita enjoys pats, lap time and loves her person to give her a luxurious massage with her grooming mitt.

Nakita is best suited to an adult home, without young children. A calm household, located in a quiet area, will bring out the best in Nakita.

The very beautiful Nakita has much love to give to the right family. Is that you?

Location Armadale

Thank you to Heather of Dixon Dog Photography for the fantastic photos of Nakita.

Microchip Number: 956000007814995
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Weight 3.4kgs

Adoption Fee: $250

Nakita has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.