Quelita is in her new home

Breed: Female Domestic Short

Age/DOB: 1/11/19

  • Quelita, Female Domestic Short
  • Quelita, Female Domestic Short
  • Quelita, Female Domestic Short
  • Quelita, Female Domestic Short

What a cute, rascal our Quelita is!

A typical kitten, Quelita is always up to mischief:

  • No - don’t think you can leave that bag or box on the floor – Quelita will be into them in the blink of an eye!
  • Watch out - wiggling fingers and toes – might they be a mouse?
  • Full moon – Quelita loves to play.
  • Yoga anyone? – Quelita will join in by jumping all over you.
  • Bop! - Quelita currently has a foster brother, who is calm and patient – she boldly walks up to him and bops him on the nose and then runs away.
  • Toilet paper – What can we say?

Quelita truly has a love of life – she is high energy and cheeky; she is always on the lookout for something to watch or get into to. She will definitely need some space to run in her adoptive home or ideally, a cat safe enclosure, where she could have indoor/outdoor access.

There is also a sweet, adorable and gentle side to Quelita - when her foster carer is still and settled, Quelita will cuddle up. She loves tummy pats and purrs very loudly. She loves to share her foster carer’s bed at night. She does not like noises or sudden movement.

Quelita is a beautiful mix of all the things that make a kitten adorable:

  • Cheeky
  • Sweet
  • Loving
  • Entertaining and
  • Very beautiful

As Quelita does not like loud noises or sudden movement, she will be most suited to a home without young children and she will require time to settle into her new environment.

Quelita will only be placed into a home with another cat – a calm and patient one. She has no exposure to dogs.

If you are looking for a fun, entertaining kitten, who will mature into a very loving cat, then Quelita might be the one for you.

Location Elwood

Microchip Number: 956000007439308
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Weight 1.8 kgs

Adoption Fee: $250

Quelita has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.