Spiro Del Rio is in his new home

Breed: Male Medium Short Hair

Age/DOB: 14/11/2018

  • Spiro Del Rio, Male Medium Short Hair
  • Spiro Del Rio, Male Medium Short Hair
  • Spiro Del Rio, Male Medium Short Hair
  • Spiro and Leo Del Rio, Male Medium Short Hair

Spiro is a sweet little boy with giant paws and a possum tail. He exudes enthusiasm and approaches everything he does with a level of intensity beyond imagination.

Spiro is independent of his humans for much of the day - taking himself off to find things that amuse him. A few of his favourite activities include unravelling every roll of toilet paper he can find, opening cupboard doors, opening packets of cat treats or even litter. But not all of his busy time activities involve mischief, he loves to chase ribbons, climb his scratching tower and carry little toys around the house too. After playing hard, Spiro delights in some quiet time out in his enclosure. A patient observer he sits and just watches the world go by.

When the time comes for a cuddle, Sprio will let you know! He squeaks and comes madly running to find you, just bursting with love! He purrs and flops all over you, rubbing his face against you like crazy. Spiro's affection when he says it's cuddle time is second to none!

Spiro would love to find someone who spends time on the computer. One of his great joys in life is observing people typing. He has his own little blanket up on the desk and likes to lie there quietly, watching and napping and just occasionally reaching a little paw out to remind you he's there and needs a pat.

Spiro is a very well socialised kitten who loves to spend time with both his feline and canine pals. He tries to show love and play with them all equally but it's obvious that his favourite playmate and cuddle buddy is his brother, Leo.

Although Spiro has a big, bold personality, he saves it just for his special people. He is shy around new people and young children but to be able to share his love is a special treat worth being patient for.

Location Wallington

Microchip Number: 956000007836374
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Adoption Fee: $250

Spiro Del Rio has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.